Introducing The Bridge

Would translating the most helpful startup contents into Korean, thus making it easier for Korean founders to consume, make more Korean founders read more and become smarter about growing their startups?

The South Korean startup ecosystem is growing very fast and I’m very proud and fortunate to be a part of it. With the launch of 500 Kimchi, we (500 Startups) wanted to not just participate in investing in the next generation of great founders in South Korea, but also into the ecosystem in itself. So today, on behalf of our Kimchi team, I am extremely excited to introduce you to The Bridge.

While I’ve met so many intelligent and driven founders here in Korea, like in many emerging startup ecosystems, Korean founders tend to miss out on the constant sharing and learning of startup relevant knowledge and information that founders in Silicon Valley get to experience consistently day-in and day-out. While it’s harder to address the proximity and density of experienced founders and investors being present in Korea to catalyze that experience (at least in the short term), there is a whole slew of information and knowledge being passed to each other through the form of blog posts that many Korean founders are missing out on solely because they are uncomfortable with English.

The Bridge is a site that will take the most informative and relevant blog posts on building and growing your startup written by smart folks in SV and translate them into Korean for your perusal. The Bridge will include general startup related topics, but also specific lessons on marketing, product, fundraising, metrics, as well as managing your well-being. We aim to find and translate 3 blog posts a week to start.

Well composed blog posts are often the go-to source for founders in Silicon Valley (and anywhere else) and we hope to connect the sharing of startup related knowledge and information from SV to Korea with The Bridge.

So without further ado, check it out (it’s in Korean):

The Bridge Logo

Tim (팀채) is a Partner at 500 Startups and the Head of 500 Startups Korea. He is an investor in 40+ seed stage tech companies in SF/SV and Korea. He splits his time between San Francisco and Seoul. You can find more about Tim here.