In Pursuit of Living a Purpose Driven Life

I’m a Partner at 500 Startups and also the General Partner for our Korea fund, 500 Kimchi, making investments at the seed stage. Though I continue to make a handful of investments in the US every year (through 500S), I mainly focus on investing in promising tech startups in Korea (through 500 Kimchi). I’m trying to do what I can in helping the Korean startup ecosystem get to the next level for Seoul to become recognized as a major global tech powerhouse.

I was born in Seoul and immigrated with my immediate family to a suburb of Sacramento, California when I was 9 years old. I grew up always being intrigued by entrepreneurship. Since my first taste in starting my first business selling t-shirts offline and online as an early teenager, I’ve gone to start both venture backed and bootstrapped businesses and startups in various sectors including nightclubs (nuFlw Entertainment ’09) to social media marketing (PostRocket, 500S B3 ’11).

My entrepreneurial work since a young age led me to being named one of the Youth Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2009 by NFIB and the McKelvey Foundation, snagging the top scholarship prize. In 2016, through my work at 500S and starting 500 Kimchi, I was named as one of the 30 Under 30 for the inaugural list of Forbes Asia.

Now, I’m extremely fulfilled to be able to continue making inroads to do our part in helping Seoul become a global powerhouse of tech startups.