Introducing The Bridge

Would translating the most helpful startup contents into Korean, thus making it easier for Korean founders to consume, make more Korean founders read more and become smarter about growing their startups?

The South Korean startup ecosystem is growing very fast and I’m very proud and fortunate to be a part of it. With the launch of 500 Kimchi, we (500 Startups) wanted to not just participate in investing in the next generation of great founders in South Korea, but also into the ecosystem in itself. So today, on behalf of our Kimchi team, I am extremely excited to introduce you to The Bridge.

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Hacking MVP for Startups

I see a lot of first time (and even repeat founders) allocating way too much resource into getting to MVP. I’ve seen an average of 2-4 months for any startup to feel comfortable saying that they have an MVP out and being tested in the live market. Personally, I think that’s way too f*cking long. In today’s day of consumers readiness to indicate their ability and willingness to “invest” (purchase or spend a lot of time using the “solution”), this shouldn’t take more than 7 days.

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