Welcome Jeffrey Lim to 500 Startups Korea as General Partner

So much of a company’s success and the execution of its vision rely on the calibre of its people. Today, I’m extremely honored and excited to welcome my friend and someone I admire with the utmost respect to the 500 Startups team. Jeffrey Lim is joining us at 500 Startups Korea. Jeffrey and I will […]

Tim Chae

M.I.N.T.: A Value-Add Framework for Investors

Ever since I came to the “other side of the table” and started our Korea fund, I’ve been massively obsessed with how to best make my product. As a VC, we are no longer designing and developing a tangible product – instead we are trying to create a conducive environment to help our companies succeed […]

Tim Chae

Raise for Milestones, Not Runway

The most common thing founders are taught about fundraising is that they should raise for 18-24 months of runway (while “adjusting for increase in headcount, etc.”). That’s the advice you should take if you don’t want to fail. If you want to win, however, you should start thinking a bit differently. You’ll also notice that […]

Tim Chae

Announcing START, Korea’s Standardized Early Stage Investment Document

Continuing on with our mission of trying to foster the best startup ecosystem South Korea can cultivate, we are really excited to announce START (Standardized Term Agreement for Raise Transactions), Korea’s standardized investment document for early stage startups.

Tim Chae

Introducing The Bridge

Would translating the most helpful startup contents into Korean, thus making it easier for Korean founders to consume, make more Korean founders read more and become smarter about growing their startups? The South Korean startup ecosystem is growing very fast and I’m very proud and fortunate to be a part of it. With the launch of 500 […]

Tim Chae

Hacking MVP for Startups

I see a lot of first time (and even repeat founders) allocating way too much resource into getting to MVP. I’ve seen an average of 2-4 months for any startup to feel comfortable saying that they have an MVP out and being tested in the live market. Personally, I think that’s way too f*cking long. […]

Tim Chae
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